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Behold! The Kill La Kill Character Personality Survey!


Made by yours truly

Ryuko Matoi
[x] You are short-tempered
[x] You fight back when provoked
[] You transferred to a new school
[x] You are rather very self-conscious about your body
[] You like lemons
[] You have blue eyes
[] You are very energetic
[x] You love to wear a certain outfit (or just a piece of clothing)
[x] You didn’t have the best childhood
[x] You are the younger sibling

Satsuki Kiryuin
[x] You are very dominant
[x] You’re very prideful in what you do
[x] You suffered from abuse
[] You tend to frown a lot
[x] You hold in a lot of anger
[x] You treat your loved ones equally
[x] You have a kind heart on the inside
[] You have thick eyebrows
[x] You have a rocky relationship with one of your parents
[x] You act cold to others

[x] You are analytical
[] You like the taste of blood
[x] You mostly wear dark colors
[] You take things very seriously
[x] You’re very observant
[x] You have a special piece of clothing you love to wear
[x] You enjoy communication
[x] You love to be ironed (or rather, you love hot baths, saunas, etc)
[x] You’ve had a favorite piece of clothing you’ve lost/ruined/thrown out
[] You wear/have worn a school uniform

Mako Mankanshoku
[x] You can sleep pretty much anywhere
[x] You love food, food, food!
[] You’re rather slow-witted
[] You get along with your family
[x] You do what you can to protect loved ones
[x] You love to encourage others
[] You have a younger brother
[x] You get/have gotten in trouble a lot in school
[x] You have a dog
[x] You have brown eyes

Ira Gamagoori
[] You are rather tall
[x] You are very loyal and would do anything to protect loved ones
[] You are very tough and strong
[x] You like bondage
[] You are rather masochistic
[] You are younger than you appear to be
[] You have tanned skin
[] You have blonde hair
[] You sleep in the nude
[x] You get angry easily

Uzu Sanageyama
[x] You have shaggy hair
[] You’re good at a particular sport
[] You have great eyesight
[] You like to be the leader
[] You have a lot of self-confidence
[x] You like to wear jackets
[] You joined a sports club in school
[] You like the color green
[] You have grey eyes
[] You were in a gang

Houka Inumuta
[] You are a technology geek
[x] You like the color blue
[x] Your laptop is your best friend
[x] You wear eyeglasses
[x] You enjoy “gathering data” on things
[] You’re usually the smart one in the group
[x] You can be extremely sarcastic
[x] If anything happens to your computer, someone dies
[x] You tend to be very sneaky
[] You are interested in computers

Nonon Jakuzure
[x] You love music
[x] You took music lessons back in school
[x] You like classical music, such as Beethoven
[x] You love to tease and mock people
[] On the inside, you can be highly manipulative
[] You can change your personality from one end to the exact opposite
[x] You highly admire loved ones
[x] You give people nicknames
[x] You like to wear hats
[] You like the color pink

Aikuro Mikisugi
[x] You are very flirtatious
[x] You act very differently to people when in public
[x] You give your belongings (a car, a guitar, etc) names
[] You like to be naked
[] You don’t care if others see you naked
[x] You like to wear sunglasses
[] You’ve spied on someone
[x] You like to teach
[] You’ve skinny-dipped before
[x] You like to joke on people, much to their chagrin

Nui Harime
[] You’re cheerful most of the time
[] You smile a lot
[x] You can go from sweet to aggressive, when provoked
[] You tend to hold grudges
[x] You are free-spirited and prefer to do whatever you want
[x] You suffered from a serious injury
[] You tend to act friendly to people
[] You’re adopted
[x] You are rather sadistic
[x] People have told you that you can be scary when angry

Ragyo Kiryuin
[x] You can be vain and proud at things you do
[] You prefer to dominate than be dominated
[] Power can be a turn-on to you
[] There’s no stopping you when you know what you want
[x] You hate to admit defeat and rarely give up
[] You like the color silver
[] You like the idea of luxury
[] Somewhere on your body you have a scar (or multiple scars)
[] You wear light-colored clothes
[] You like disco music XD

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